Complaints Policy

Our core value: commitment

Delivering reliable, customized and warp-speed customer complaint is our mission and as a consequence, this is the main asset we focus on developing.

Dialogue is key to solidifying a relationship with our customers. Should you experience dissatisfaction with regards to Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd services, please do notify us immediately and we will investigate the incident.

In the event that a customer or potential customer has a complaint regarding any of the payment service and/or product provided by Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd, we advise them to contact us by using the email address provided below.

Signalling and sorting out issues

Customers or potential customers can report issues immediately at the email address When submitting your query or complaint, try to provide the context of your issue as well as the nature of the problem (technical, functionality, accuracy, compliance, etc…).

Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd representatives will promptly analyse your complaint and get back to you for additional required information or to present feedback and proposed solutions (where applicable).

After the Customer Complaint department receives the complaint, a written acknowledgement will be provided, along with a Complaint number, within 2 business days starting from the day the complaint was received. Business days are from Monday to Saturday.

How to initiate a formal complaint?

As we place great emphasis on speed, we have instated a quick procedure to sort out issues you signal by email at

However, due to the fact that every single current or potential customer is important and valuable for us and in order for Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd to deliver an efficient and professional service when dealing with more complex issues regarding complaints to our services, these types of problems are subject to a formal complaint procedure.

If you consider that following the course of action recommended failed to provide you with a satisfactory outcome for the issue you raised by the standard procedure outlined above, please address an email to our Customer Complaints representative. Please note that you should expressly formulate your request for the complaint outlined to be subject to Madura Travel Service (P) Ltd formal complaint process.

The customer or potential customer can send us a formal complaint by clicking this link or by sending an email to with the subject “Formal Complaint”.

A clear description of the complaint and details about the outcome that the customer believes it would be the correct one; Attach any documents that may aid you in the process of sorting out the possible issue.