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Europe, a continent of rich cultural heritage and history, is home to diverse nations and languages. It boasts architectural marvels like the Eiffel Tower in France and the Colosseum in Italy.

Europe played a pivotal role in global history, from ancient Greece’s philosophy to the Renaissance’s artistic rebirth. Modern Europe features a blend of cosmopolitan cities and picturesque countryside. The European Union fosters economic and political cooperation among many European countries.

Landmarks like the Swiss Alps and the Mediterranean coast attract tourists worldwide. Europe’s contributions to science, art, and culture continue to shape the global landscape.


  • Europamundo General Services: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, hotel and breakfast buffet.
  • Includes arrival transfer
  • City tour in: AMSTERDAM, BERLIN
  • Boat: Lake IJssel boat trip from Volendam to Marken
  • Evening transfer: Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam
  • Ticket admission: Diamond Workshop in Amsterdam, Holocaust Memorial and Berlin Wall Museum in Berlin
  • GST and TAC tax

Tour Plan

  • Welcome to your tour with Europamundo! We´ll be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to the hotel.
  • Please check the information boards in the hotel reception area for details regarding the welcome meeting with your guide and fellow travelers.
  • Today we have a very exciting day in the Netherlands.
  • We will go to Zaanse Schans with its mills, canals and its typical houses. Next VOLENDAM, a very picturesque fishing village.
  • A short boat trip from Volendam, will take us to MARKEN (an island that was joined to the mainland by a fixed dike), where the houses there are built on stilts.
  • After this, we travel to AMSTERDAM where we will enjoy a panoramic visit of the city to see its narrow canals, its official buildings and parks.
  • We will also see the technique of diamond cutting. A large part of the visit will be done on foot, the information will be given through headphones.
  • Time for dinner in Rembrandtplein, an area with many restaurants from all corners of the world and near the red-light district with its liberal values.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • We leave Amsterdam towards Germany. We make a stop in HAMELIN, a picturesque German town, many of its shops and streets remind us of the fairy tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin by the Brothers Grimm.
  • We continue towards Berlin passing through Marienborn, the old border that separated East and West Germany until 1990.
  • Arrival in BERLIN in the evening.
04-day BERLIN
  • Ease your way into the local culture with a guided visit of Germany’s incredible capital, Berlin.
  • We shall visit the historic center, Museum Island, the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gates and the city’s magnificent parks.
  • We continue our visit by stopping at the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall Museum.
  • This visit helps us to understand the difficult situation the city experienced during the Twentieth Century.
  • Time to explore the city.
  • Enjoy an evening in the lively area of Kantstrasse, a district that offers different types of ethnic restaurants to dine in (Indian, Oriental, Italian, German, and so on).

After breakfast, our journey will come to an end, leaving you with wonderful lasting memories.

Tour Map


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